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Ladies, Dress In Your Best

Posted on 15 March 2018

Ladies are always under tough scrutiny – by the opposite sex, and by their fellow women as well. They are always scrutinized every day, that is a fact. Men and women scrutinize them for different reasons. Men scrutinize women perhaps because she is wearing something sexy today, or she has made up her hair that made her really charming, something men might not have noticed before. Maybe he is thinking of asking her out and he is observing her every move, looking for clues on how to approach her best. Women, on the other hand, always look at other women for a whole lot of different reasons. Maybe she is wearing those killer high heels that are just impossible to be comfortable on, and this woman observer is wondering how she can do it for a whole day without seemingly limping all the way. Maybe she has gained some weight or has lost some and they are just wondering what she took or what she ate. Maybe she is carrying that super bag that was on display the other day and they’d want to know how much she got it for.

Whatever the reasons are, it remains a fact that women are always scrutinized, so it is very important that she is always dressed at her best. Even the tiniest detail of her wardrobe is always observed so she should keep them interesting all the time. Wearing  Sparkling Crystal Cufflinks sometimes instead of the usual silver cufflinks will definitely spice up her outfit, or some other similarly interesting  ladies cufflinks. People will talk anyway so give them something to talk about.


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