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Fashion Trends Keep Pace with Improved Gender Equality

Posted on 12 January 2018

There was a time when women were relegated to the household and prevented from undertaking further studies to gain knowledge outside what is needed to take care of a home and husband. Only decades ago, women were not even given a choice nor a say in the way the government was run.


Everyone would probably agree that gender equality has improved immensely in this generation. Women can now not only go to university and take part in the elections, but also compete with men in the workplace. The improved stature and power of women is reflected in the way they can now dress. No longer are women confined to wearing tight corsets or skirts. Women can now wear trousers and suits just like the next guy. In fact, many outfits traditionally thought of as exclusively for men can now be worn without condemnation by women at the workplace.


Recent fashion trends even involved neckties and designer cufflinks for women! The sense of style still subtly distinguishes femininity from masculinity but no longer discriminates which articles of clothing can be worn by a certain sex. How it is worn is often what defines a lady’s style form the men’s. For instance, pink cufflinks can be worn by both men and women to match whatever shade of shirt they are wearing. Ladies Pink Cufflinks, however, are likely to be worn to complement softer and more form hugging tops than the men’s.


With continued and improved gender equality in all aspects of life, it would be exciting to watch how new fashion trends will develop to adapt to the altered roles and limitations!

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