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Be Feminine In A Man’s World

Posted on 12 April 2018

The corporate world is largely dominated by men, and while there is definitely an increase to the number of women who are playing in this field, it is still largely controlled by men. Sometimes, they say, this fact makes it difficult for a woman to be womanly, since she cannot afford to show her soft side, lest she be accused of being the weaker sex, or of being unable to cope with the demands of the job. That is perhaps why many women have taken to wearing business attires which lines are sometimes manly. From the usual skirt, business attires are now more popularly done in pants or trousers. This is quite a sad thing but lately, more and more designers and women executives are getting more confident in coming up with smart ways to show up their feminine side without casting doubts on their business capabilities.

One example is the number of silver cufflinks that feature really ladylike designs such as the Heart Cufflinks. Hearts are always associated with girls or ladies, and these Hearts Cufflinks certainly will never be worn by men. Ladies cufflinks are usually designed with really feminine designs like hearts or flowers and though the lady executive may be wearing tailored suits, pants and jackets to work, there still remains a touch of femininity in her wardrobe. This is a nice way of reconciling her feminine side with her corporate persona and she does not need to compromise one for the other, since she is both of those, and more.

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