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Never Be Afraid to Be Feminine

Posted on 21 March 2017

Have you noticed that business fashions for women seem rather, well, man-like?  It seems that in order to have a career, you have to dress professionally in a sense that eschews the polish and glitter in favor of straight lines, dark colors, and less jewelry. 

We haven’t gone from eliminating earrings and bracelets, but in the effort to be taken somewhat seriously by male colleagues one has to be a bit less flattering to the feminine form.  Why does that have to be, especially given how much women spend on clothes, hair, and accessories when compared to men? 

With women factoring in prominently, and in some case the majority in the white-collar workplace these days, there’s no real reason to continue eschewing the feminine for the masculine.  Indeed, the workplace is a good place to find a date, and with time being a dwindling resource it helps the professional woman to look her best and sparkle any chance she can get.  With the latest designs in ladies cufflinks, you can remain decidedly feminine while staying as professionally dressed as you care to.  These Feminine Flower Cufflinks will give onlookers a chance to see you’re not afraid to be feminine no matter how masculine the work environment gets.  Silver cufflinks can give you the style and look you’re seeking without losing any of the natural charm you evoke on your own, and will go a long way with you up the success ladder.  There is strength and character in the feminine as well as the masculine; it may be different in orientation, but no less valuable. 

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